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Arugam Bay

Things you want to know about Surfing & Arugam Bay



Arugam Bay is located on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. If you’re after remote rural life with all the atmosphere of jungle and adventure this is the place for you.

Arugam Bay is listed as one of the top ten surf points in the world. Arugam Bay is popular among youthful surfers and holidaymakers. The fact that there are no sharks all contribute to Arugam Bay’s cachet


Water temperature is around 27 degrees, just perfect!!! You will not feel cold.

Surfing period in arugam bay is from May to October.

For more information about the weather and the waves you can check the link:

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Language we speak

The majority of the Sri Lankan people in Arugam Bay speaks English. We at Amigo Surf School we also speak german.

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How to reach Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is located about 320km away from Colombo. To reach there you might decide to go straight or to travel first through the country. Here some tips and information about time and cost:

By plane:

You can decide to take a 40min flight from Colombo Airport to Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) . Than a taxi for 3 hours to Arugam Bay.


How to reach Arugam Bay

By taxi

it is about 8 to 10 hours drive and it will cost about 140USD.

By bus service

Departure from Pettah Bus Stand in Colombo at 4.45am, arriving in Pottuvil mid-afternoon. It will cost about 5USD. (This is not recommended with kids or tired people. It might feel uncomfortable but if you like adventure and try go for it).


How to reach Arugam Bay

By train: Rail Services

There is a daily service between Colombo and Badulla (which is about 2/3rd of the way). This is will provide you with magic sceneries. Highly recommended for the beauty of the sceneries, a real travelling pleasure for the eyes and everyone. Departing Colombo Fort Railway Station at 5.55am, this is considered one of the world’s greatest railway journeys, travelling high through the mountainous region of central Sri Lanka via Kandy, arriving in Badulla at approximately 4pm.  Fares range from 205 Rupees (3rd Class) to 660 Rupees (1st Class observation). From Badulla you can decide to take a taxi or a bus (it is about 3 hours drive)


 Before Travelling

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

Since the 1st January 2012, visitors to Sri Lanka (with the exception of Visitors from Singapore or the Maldives) are required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) from the Department of Immigration & Emigration (DI&E) of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka prior to arrival. Please see the link:

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Things to do while here

-       Surf or/and take a surfing lesson.

-       Go on a safari trip to Yala National Parc. Amigo Surf School can recommend you some organizers or even book the trip for you if you wish.

-       Visit the different surf spots:


o   Main Point  o   Baby Point  o   Elephant Rock or Crocodile Rock  o   Pottuvil Point

o   Whiskey Point  o   Peanut Farm  o  Green Room  o  Light House  o  Okanda Point

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